Etienne Global Agro, a leading agricultural organisation specialising in starch production, has joined forces with the Kogi State Government to establish a Starch Manufacturing plant.

The government’s commitment to supporting this collaboration was revealed by the Honorable Commissioner for Agriculture and Food Security, Hon. Timothy Ojomah.

In a meeting held at the Honorable Commissioner’s office, he expressed the state’s enthusiasm for partnering with Etienne Global Agro in this venture.

As part of the ongoing Agricultural Intervention led by His Excellency Alhaji Usman Ododo, Kogi State has dedicated 1200 hectares of land for cassava cultivation, further solidifying its commitment to this collaboration.

Recognising the importance of security, especially during the farming season, Hon. Ojomah assured citizens of the government’s efforts to ensure their safety.

In an innovative approach, the state government plans to engage local hunters and equip them with the necessary tools to protect farms and the environment.

Grateful for the partnership, Mr Friday Idoko, the consultant representing Etienne Global Agro, commended the Ministry for the opportunity to establish a Starch Production Plant in Kogi State. This venture aims to position the state as a leader in the domestic and international starch market, creating employment opportunities and contributing to economic growth.

To achieve the envisioned goal, Mr Idoko appealed for government support regarding machinery and suitable land.

He highlighted Etienne Global Agro’s commitment to agricultural development and community empowerment, focusing on meeting international standards for the industry.

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