By Rotimi Odofin

…calls for collaboration amongst tiers of govt.

Kogi State Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo has said that effective governance remains a necessity for the progress and prosperity of the country.

The Governor made this known on Monday while delivering a keynote address at the 34th annual conference of the Nigerian Political Science Association (NPSA) held at the Federal University Lokoja.

Governor Ododo, who was represented by his Deputy, Comrade Joel Oyibo Salifu, noted that Collaboration among states, as well as with the federal government, is essential to address national issues more effectively.

He added that the Theme of the Conference, “Governance, nation building in Nigeria; options for policy”, was a very timely choice because, according to him, providing policy options for governance and nation-building is the bedrock of the nation’s democratic system, adding that it creates a platform for the fulfilment of the wishes and aspirations of the people.

Gov. Ododo said, “As a nation in search of ways to advance the well-being of our people, leaders across the nation must prioritise the welfare of our citizens above everything else. We must ensure equitable distribution of resources and provide quality healthcare, education, and physical infrastructure”.

He, however, asserted that governance is not a one-size-fits-all solution as each state faces its unique challenges and opportunities.

The Governor expressed appreciation to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for his unwavering commitment to the country’s growth through novel policy initiatives and for making tough decisions that gradually produce desired impacts in various sectors of the economy.

He stated that more vigorously synthesised options from scholars and policymakers are expected from the conference, which he further noted would straighten the rough edges of the nation’s journey to progress and development.

Gov. Ododo challenged the participants and political scholars to contribute, provide insights, and offer collaborative efforts that would be essential for creating impactful outcomes from the conference.

He said, “It is through the diversity of perspectives and scholarly exchanges that we can explore ways to improve governance and better policy options for nation-building”.

He hinted that the Kogi state government would wait anxiously to tap into the policy options that would emerge at the conference, which he acknowledged would provide more dividends of democracy for its people.

The Governor mentioned that since coming on board in less than 100 Days, his administration has been working hard to consolidate the gains recorded by the immediate past administration to make meaningful impact on the lives of our people.

According to the Governor:
“Kogi State recognises the critical role of policy in nation-building as policy serves as the blueprint for the state’s collective aspirations, guiding actions towards a prosperous and harmonious society.

“We equally recognise that effective policy formulation and implementation are essential for driving sustainable development and fostering inclusive growth. At the heart of our policy framework is the principle of inclusivity. We understand that every citizen deserves a seat at the table and a voice in shaping their future. Therefore, we actively engage with stakeholders from all sectors of society to ensure that our policies address the diverse needs and aspirations of our people”.

Governor Ododo stressed that the Kogi state government focuses on strengthening its security architecture and poverty reduction through improved agricultural practices and food palliatives as well as basic infrastructure in healthcare and education, enhancing the bond of unity across the state, among others.

He added further that the government also recognise the importance of continuity and consistency in policy implementation; hence, the government remained committed to ensuring that policies are effectively executed, monitored, and evaluated.

“We hold ourselves accountable to the people we serve and remain open to feedback and course corrections along the way”, he added.

Governor Ododo affirmed that the future of the nation depends on the strength and effectiveness of its policies and urged everyone to continue to work together across political divides and ideological differences to craft policies that uplift every Nigerian and propel the people towards a brighter tomorrow.

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