By Rotimi Odofin

Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo of Kogi State has made a commitment to prioritize the welfare of workers in order to enhance productivity within the civil service.

Ododo gave the assurance during a speech marking this year’s International Workers’ Day celebration at the Muhammadu Buhari Civic Centre in Lokoja on Wednesday.

In his address, the Governor stated, “My administration will go above and beyond to ensure the happiness of our workers, ultimately boosting their morale and productivity in service to our nation.”

He also highlighted the appointment of the former Chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Kogi State, Onu Edoka, as a Special Adviser on Labour matters, demonstrating the government’s recognition of the NLC.

Governor Ododo emphasized the importance of implementing policies that prioritize the well-being of the workforce, acknowledging the crucial role of civil servants as the backbone of the government.

Regarding the new minimum wage for state civil service workers, Ododo assured that negotiations are underway and nearing completion, considering the current economic challenges facing the country.

He commended workers for their dedication, spanning from the previous administration to the present one, and also praised President Ahmed Tinubu for his efforts in maintaining peace and unity in Nigeria.

Earlier in the event, the Kogi State Chairman of the NLC, Comrade Gabriel Amari, advocated for an immediate increase in the minimum wage to address the basic needs of workers amidst the economic hardships.

Amari stressed the urgency of implementing a wage adjustment to around N35,000 in Kogi State, reflecting the rising costs of goods and services that continue to impact workers’ purchasing power.

As negotiations for a new minimum wage continue, the NLC remains steadfast in their commitment to advocating for fair compensation for workers in Kogi State.

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