By Rotimi Odofin

Governor Usman Ahmed Ododo of Kogi State recently unveiled a new fleet of security vehicles to bolster the operational efficiency and capabilities of the state’s security architecture.

This initiative is part of the governor’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and security of lives and properties across the state, with a particular focus on strengthening local vigilante services for community policing.

In his address, Governor Ododo emphasized his dedication to implementing people-oriented programs and projects that directly impact the lives of the citizens of Kogi State.

He highlighted the importance of maintaining a safe and secure environment to achieve the objectives of these initiatives.

He disclosed that the recent launch of the Metropolitan Quick Response in Lokoja and other major towns, along with the introduction of new security vehicles, are part of a series of evolving security measures aimed at enhancing safety and building upon the foundation laid by the previous administration.

Governor Ododo reiterated the state’s unwavering commitment to maintaining law and order, emphasizing the need to combat criminal elements that threaten the progress and prosperity of Kogi State.

He stressed the importance of collaboration between vigilante services and conventional security agencies to ensure a swift and effective response to security threats.

As the state continues to review and address security challenges, Governor Ododo called upon all residents to remain vigilant and actively participate in efforts to safeguard their communities.

He urged unity in the fight against crime and emphasized that the security of the state is a collective responsibility that requires the cooperation of all stakeholders.

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