President Mohammad Buhari has commended the performance of Governor Yahaya Bello, stating that he has done very well in the area of security and projects execution in Kogi state.

“We are proud of him and we urged him to do more for the people and I am appealing to the people of Kogi state to support him so that he can achieve and deliver more dividends of democracy and achieve peace and development of the state”, the President disclosed.

The President who disclosed this while commissioning projects in Kogi State, applauded Gov. Yahaya Bello for following the vision of his administration to provide gains of democracy for the people.

President Buhari said he is commissioning projects in the State in realization of the campaign promises the Governor made to the people of Kogi state.

President Muhammadu Buhari says his administration is working to reposition Kogi state as an investment hub through the activation of solid Minerals in the state.

I have been briefed by Governor Yahaya Bello for the numerous projects he has executed for the people which include Confluence University of Science and Technology at Asara, Rice mill in Ejiba, hospitals in Idah, Kabba and Okene, construction of roads in the three senatorial districts, GYB model secondary schools among others.

In Lokoja there is a flyover project the first of it kind in Kogi state.

Kogi state play host to AKK gas pipeline projects that will be completed next year. It will boost the economic activities of the country and it will a multiplying effect to the people of the state.

President Buhari said no project that is dare in his heart like the Ajaokuta steel company located in Kogi state which he inherited in moribund condition from previous administrations.

The steel company has dispute both locally and internationally, I am glad to say that through our concerted effort we are able to settle the dispute by paying some money and the company is now ready for concesioning to competent private investors that will operationalize it for the people of Kogi state and Nigerians at large.

We are in talk with a reputable company in United State and by God grace Ajaokuta very soon will come back to serve the people of Nigeria.

The significant of making Ajaokuta steel working again is enormous as it will generate over 500,000 jobs for Nigerian youth and also generate high revenue for the state and the country in the tune of over 1.6 billion dollar annually.

Nigerians should be rest assured that my administration will pursue the issue of Ajaokuta steel company to logical conclusion before I leave office as President of Nigeria.

In his remarks, Gov. Yahaya Bello said today remains a historic day and a historic moment in the lives of Kogi state and indeed in the lives of entire Ebira people and other tribes in central senatorial district of the state.

We are happy the very day you granted approval to come to Kogi state for the commissioning of few out of many projects this administration has executed for the people of Kogi state.

When I was sworn in in the 27th of January , 2016 we were determined to serve our people and we quickly commissioned multidimensional sector to form what we call new direction blueprint.

From that period till date , this particular document has served as a guide for accelerated development in Kogi state.

We took our time to move round the state to determine what the people are lacking and we they really want that can improve the standard of living and every year we zero down such need to our budgetary provision and we ensured that we follow it to the latter.

Since that time Mr President during campaign we promised to fulfil all our promises and today those projects you will commission for us and others you may not be able to commission for went of time are projects we executed from the resources available to us.

We ensured that the entire people of Kogi state benefit from our projects executed from internally general revenue, national resources and every other resources God gave to us in Kogi state.

Mr President we hit the ground running and you told me to be courageous in Leadership and how to bring out my best and today the projects is an attestation of our best to the people of Kogi state.

I followed your footsteps in ensuring that projects and infrastructures that has direct impact on the people.

Agassa -Upogoro- Benin road, the new Ohinoyi palace, the Reference Hospital are projects you have commissioned among other projects.

In Lokoja you will Commission one of the best flyover in the north central, ultra modern GYB model science school, the secondary school can be liking to some universities in Africa.

Muhammadu Buhari square is also in Lokoja for commissioning, modern security vehicles equipped by state of the art equipment will be commission too in Lokoja to fight crime and criminalities.

Gov. Bello appreciated all the support to Kogi state, appealed for the completion of Ajaokuta steel company has said no nation can achieve industrialization without iron and steel.

“We are still confident that your effort toward revitalization of the steel company will still be achieve before the expiration of the your tenure”, Gov. Bello appealed.

In his response, the Ohi of Okwengwe, commended President Muhammadu Buhari for the enormous support he gave to Governor Yahaya Bello for the developmental projects he has executed for the state, appealed to Mr President for the revitalization of Ajaokuta steel company.

The traditional ruler assured the President that the people of Kogi state are highly appreciative of all the support he gave to Kogi state and the dividends of democracy that they are enjoying in the state.

The Traditional Ruler said this is the first time a seating president will come to Kogi central senatorial district to commission projects executed by the state government aimed at improving the living standard of the people.

He described Governor Yahaya Bello‘s administration and indeed the new direction agenda, said as it has surpassed the previous administrations in terms of achievements and performance in all sectors.

President Buhari commissioned the Reference Hospital Okene, the Newly built Ohinoyi’s Palace, GYB Model Second Schools, the Ganaja overhead bridge, Mohammad Buhari Square and Confluence University of Science and Technology Osara. He also held a town hall meeting in Okene.

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