By Adegboyega Segun

The Commissioner for Information and Communications in Kogi State, Hon. Kingsley Fanwo, recently delivered a compelling message to the younger generation, urging them to consider politics as a viable profession.

This call to action took place during the Julitola International Schools Career Day in Lokoja.

Represented by the Director of Digital and Printing Services, Mr. Ebenezer Adurodija, Hon. Fanwo emphasized the importance of nurturing young individuals to choose politics as a profession.

He highlighted that this would result in a greater number of professionals serving in various government offices at different levels.

Furthermore, the Hon. Commissioner urged the pupils and students in attendance to view politics not as a dirty game, but as a noble profession that they should eagerly embrace.

He emphasized that politics is a means of serving humanity, rather than solely serving oneself.

Hon. Fanwo also stressed the significance of education as a transformative tool, guiding individuals from darkness to light.

He recognized education as a crucial element in combating crime and terrorism within our society.

As a result, he called upon parents and guardians to prioritize providing their children with a quality education.

During his speech, Hon. Fanwo encouraged the children, teachers, and management to cultivate a mindset of continuous growth.

He emphasized the values of perseverance, persistence, and focus, urging them to embody these qualities in all their endeavors.

As an advocate for education and the well-being of young individuals, Hon. Fanwo implored the younger generation to take their studies seriously, as quality education is the greatest legacy parents can bestow upon their children.

He expressed his gratitude to the school’s management and teachers for imparting knowledge to the students.

Additionally, he advised the school to introduce the children to the emerging field of Artificial Intelligence, as it represents a significant technological development.
Highlight of the program are the other quest speakers who spoke extensively on different professions.

Adegboyega Segun,
Information Officer,
Ministry of Information and Communications.

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