The caretaker chairman of Mopamuro LGA, Honorable Ademola Bello Destiny, held a peace and security meeting at the council secretariat to address the ongoing issue of farmland destruction in Mopamuro LGA, specifically between farmers and the Fulani/Myetti Allah groups.

Expressing deep concern, the caretaker chairman emphasized the detrimental impact that herders have had on the local farming community, and in response, he issued a stern warning to the Fulani/Myetti Allah groups, while urging them to ensure that their cows graze in designated areas and at appropriate times.

He emphasized the importance of responsible grazing practices and proposed a viable solution in the form of irrigation farming.

Recognizing the need for a sustainable solution, the council boss advised the Fulani/Myetti Allah groups to consider engaging in irrigation farming, an alternative that would allow their cows to be properly fed without causing harm to the surrounding farmlands.

During the meeting, the Fulani/Myetti Allah groups pledged their unwavering loyalty and support to the chairman. They promised to adhere to the established rules and regulations, ensure the proper monitoring of their cows, and cooperate fully with the chairman’s directives.











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