By Mariam Adams
The Commissioner for Environment and Ecological Management, Engr. Joseph Oluwasegun Stephen visited the Kogi State temporary dump site located along Federal University Express Road, Felele on Friday for an on-the-spot assessment to determine the current state of affairs.

Accompanied by the Permanent Secretary, Director of Sanitation, and GM of Kogi State Sanitation and Waste Management Board, Engr. Joseph was given a tour of the Dumpsite, where he observed its deplorable condition and lack of machinery for maintenance.

Expressing his dismay at the indiscriminate dumping of waste that poses a threat to the lives of residents in the area, the Commissioner emphasized the importance of efficient waste collection and evacuation systems for environmental hygiene.

He disclosed that the state government is actively working towards maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment in Kogi State.

The Commissioner urged the people of Kogi State to support the government’s efforts by disposing of waste only at the approved dumpsite to prevent health and environmental hazards associated with improper waste disposal.

During an interview with the media, the Permanent Secretary of the ministry, Alhaji Jibrin Sheidu, highlighted that all waste generated in the Lokoja metropolis ends up at the dump site.

He emphasized the urgent need for machinery, particularly bulldozers, to address the expanding dumpsite encroaching on the road.

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