By Segun Adegboyega

The Nigerian Guild of Editors (NGE) today embarked on a tour of Kogi State to witness the various legacy projects initiated by the administration of His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello (CON).

Led by the President of the association, Mr. Eze Anaba, the team visited several key locations to assess the impact of these projects on the state.

One of the highlights of the tour was a visit to the GYB Modern Science Secondary Adankolo in Lokoja, where the NGE President expressed admiration for the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment provided by the government.

Mr. Eze commended the former Governor for his commitment to improving the educational and healthcare infrastructure in the state, noting that such initiatives are crucial for the overall development of the region.

In his address, Mr. Eze highlighted the importance of investing in modern technology and healthcare services, emphasizing the potential benefits for the people of Kogi State.
He urged the current Governor to continue in the footsteps of his predecessor, citing the positive impact of these projects on the community.

The tour also included a visit to Confluence University of Science and Technology Osara, where the Vice-Chancellor, Engr Abdulrahman Asipita Salawu, showcased the completed and ongoing projects at the institution.

The VC praised the efforts of the state government in promoting education and innovation, noting that Kogi State now boasts three functional universities, with two established under the leadership of GYB.

The Chief Medical Director (CMD) of Reference Hospital Okene, Prof. Solomon Avidime, conducted a tour of the hospital for the visiting editors and their entourage.

Prof. Avidime highlighted that the hospital, a tertiary institution of the state, was constructed by Alhaji Yahaya Bello and is to be maintained by Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo.

He emphasized that the government of Kogi State established the hospital not only to cater to the needs of the state’s residents but also to attract medical tourists seeking quality healthcare.

During the tour, the CMD showcased state-of-the-art equipment, some of which are the first of their kind in Nigeria.

He encouraged Nigerians to consider the hospital for their medical needs, assuring them of affordable healthcare services.
Dr. Abdulazeez Adams Adeiza, the Commissioner for Health, who was also present during the tour, disclosed that the former Governor of the state,  Alhaji Bello, initiated the construction of six similar hospitals across various parts of the state, with two in each senatorial district.

Also, Hon. Kingsley Fanwo, the Commissioner for Information and Communications, highlighted the GYB signature projects during his tenure, disclosing that despite the economic challenges posed by COVID-19, the state government continued to invest billions of Naira in various projects.
He urged the citizens to remain hopeful and provide unwavering support to the administration of His Excellency Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo.

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