Kogi State is poised to collaborate with various organizations to enhance the educational development of its learners.

The Commissioner for Education Science and Technology, Hon. Wemi Jones, FCIB, emphasized that the government, led by His Excellency, Alhaji Usman Ahmed Ododo, will engage in partnerships with corporate bodies and other entities to ensure effective instructional service delivery and the overall development of learners.

During a meeting with Mr. Olorunleke Ojo, the Super Eagles’ 3rd Goalkeeper in the recently concluded African Cup of Nations, the Commissioner expressed the State government’s commitment to improving the education sector.

This commitment, he said, includes enhancing access, equity, infrastructure, innovation, and overall development in education, as it directly impacts the human capital development in the State.

“The establishment of GYB Model Science Secondary Schools with state-of-the-art synthetic football fields aims to inspire learners to become global stars by tapping into their abundant talents.”

Furthermore, the School Adoption and Mentorship Programme, initiated by the Ministry, he noted is at seeking to restore the glory of education and promote stakeholder involvement in supporting learners through role modeling and sports activities.

Hon. Wemi Jones reiterated the State government’s intention to collaborate with both governmental and nongovernmental organizations and agencies to ensure the holistic development of learners.

He commended Mr. Olorunleke Ojo for his achievements, attributing his success to hard work, dedication, resilience, and divine grace.

He encouraged Ojo to continue being a positive influence and a role model for the youth, expressing hope for his continued success in his career.

During the meeting, Mr. Olorunleke Ojo expressed his gratitude towards the Commissioner for serving as a role model to him.

He encouraged the Commissioner to continue his exemplary work and dedication to the community.

Drawing from his own experience as a successful athlete in secondary school sports and a previous winner of the Governors Cup competition, Mr. Ojo emphasized the importance of reviving secondary school sports competitions, particularly the Governors Cup.

He highlighted the potential for discovering and nurturing young talents within the State through such initiatives.

Mr. Ojo also shared his plans to organize a football competition in Lokoja in December 2024.

He made a plea to the State Government for the renovation of the State Stadium to support the event and future sporting activities.

A notable moment of the visit was when Mr. Ojo presented the Commissioner with a Silver Medal, symbolizing the achievements of the Super Eagles at the African Nations Cup.

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