By James Sani

Kogi State Government, in collaboration with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and other relevant stakeholders, is taking decisive action to address the issue of drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking in the state.

During a sensitization tour held in Okene over the weekend, stakeholders emphasized the importance of investing in prevention as a critical strategy to combat drug abuse. This initiative is part of the activities planned to commemorate World Drug Day on June 26, 2024.

Umar Mustapha Yahusa, the NDLEA boss in the state, highlighted the alarming rise in drug abuse and its detrimental impact on individuals, families, and the nation’s economy. He stressed the urgent need to curb this menace, as it has been linked to various social vices such as kidnapping, armed robberies, rapes, and arson.

Combating drug abuse is essential for improving the quality of life for citizens. Drug abuse erodes moral values and leads individuals to engage in unlawful activities, ultimately posing a threat to society as a whole.

The NDLEA will continue its efforts to apprehend and prosecute illicit drug dealers and abusers to address the root cause of moral decay in society.

Eunice Achimugwu, the Special Adviser to the State Governor on Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking, urged parents to monitor their children’s behaviour closely and intervene promptly to prevent drug abuse from taking hold. She emphasized the role of peer groups and friends in influencing young people’s choices and behaviours.

Kogi State is committed to tackling drug abuse and creating a safer, healthier environment for all its residents by working with law enforcement agencies, stakeholders, and the community.

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