By Benjamin Abah

The Bassa Local Government Area is celebrating Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo’s remarkable infrastructure development initiatives, particularly the ongoing construction of the 16-kilometer Odenyi-Oguma-Sheria road and bridge.

This project is seen as a significant catalyst for economic growth and development in the region.

The people of Bassa Local Government Area in Kogi State are lauding Governor Ododo for his forward-thinking leadership and commitment to improving infrastructure in their community.

They have also expressed their appreciation for the appointment of Hon. Engr Muhammed Ahovi Yusuf as the Commissioner for Works, recognizing him as a diligent and dedicated public servant.

Prominent stakeholder Mr. Dangara has praised Governor Ododo’s dedication to the Odenyi-Oguma-Sheria road and bridge project, emphasizing its potential to benefit over 50 towns and villages in the area.

This infrastructure development will revolutionize the transportation of agricultural produce to markets in Eastern Nigeria and other Northern states, boosting economic opportunities for local farmers.

Indigene Rizama Sheneni expressed his pride and gratitude towards Governor Ododo for his dynamic leadership and unwavering work ethic.

He highlighted the near completion of the Oguma-Sheria bridge and the rehabilitation of Oguma township road as significant achievements that previous administrations had failed to deliver.

Sheneni also commended Chairman of Bassa Local Government, Hon. Theophilus Adams, for ensuring the security of the construction company working on the project.

Overall, the community is impressed by Governor Ododo’s exceptional performance, including timely salary payments to local government workers and various development projects across the state.

His determination and commitment to driving progress and development in Kogi State have not gone unnoticed, earning him widespread praise and support from the people of Bassa Local Government Area.

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