The Kogi State Bureau of Land and Urban Development has issued a stern warning to communities within the state’s sixteen-kilometre radius, to refrain from unauthorized land allocation without government approval.

During a stakeholders meeting on land administration held at the Government House in Lokoja, the Director General of the Bureau, Alhaji Samari Teina Abdulmalik, emphasized the importance of adhering to government regulations regarding land allocation.

He clarified that the meeting was not convened to seize land from communities but to uphold the Land Use Act of the federal government and the Kogi State Law, which mandates a 16-kilometre radius for land allocation in the state capital.

Abdulmalik emphasized that any land acquired by the government would be fairly compensated, reassuring communities that their rights would be respected.

He urged stakeholders to cease unauthorized land allocation and encouraged those in need of land to approach the Bureau for proper planning and development.

The Director General warned of sanctions for those who violate government regulations and emphasized the government’s commitment to facilitating development in Lokoja.

He stressed the importance of collaboration between communities and government agencies to ensure sustainable development.

In response, the Olu of Oworo, Alhaji Mohammed Adoga, commended the Bureau for organizing the stakeholder’s meeting and urged swift intervention in resolving land disputes that hinder development in various communities. The meeting concluded with a call for cooperation and adherence to government regulations to promote orderly and sustainable land administration in Kogi State.

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