In an effort to promote environmental sustainability in Kogi State, the Kogi State Government has initiated the removal of traders and squatters residing under the Ganaja flyover.

This operation, conducted by the Ministry of Environment and Ecological Management in conjunction with the enforcement team of Kogi State Sanitation and Waste Management Board, aims to restore cleanliness to the area.

The Commissioner for Environment and Ecological Management, Engr Joseph Oluwasegun Stephen, emphasized that the exercise is necessary to address the severe environmental violations committed by illegal squatters and traders.

He affirmed the State Government’s unwavering commitment to reinstating environmental order throughout the metropolis.

Commissioner Stephen stated, “We will not tolerate such disregard for the environment and the well-being of residents. The eviction under the Ganaja flyover is part of our steadfast dedication to restoring environmental integrity across the state.”

He highlighted that the unauthorized settlement not only poses significant health and safety hazards but also contributes to the littering and defacement of public spaces.

The Commissioner issued a stern warning to others contemplating similar actions, emphasizing the government’s proactive stance in safeguarding the environment and the welfare of all Kogites.

“We want to firmly emphasize that no trading or activities will be permitted under this flyover. It is a crucial infrastructure designed to facilitate vehicular movement and benefit humanity. Therefore, we will not allow a few individuals to compromise its integrity,” Commissioner Stephen declared.

Hajia Ramatu Omale, the Director for Environment, affirmed that the Ministry remains committed to prioritizing a clean and healthy environment in Kogi State.

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