To begin with, it is a first class Medical Institution that will re-write the story of medical practice and access to medical facilities in Nigeria.

Recently, the Commissioners of Information of all APC States were in Kogi for their PGF Information and Communications Steering Committee Meeting. They spared time to visit the Reference Hospital, Okene and words failed them in describing how magnificent the Hospital is. It is one of a kind in Nigeria.

The hospital will radically change the face of healthcare delivery in Kogi and Nigeria, as many will now have access to excellent medical facilities and services.

Again, the hospital is intended to end medical tourism abroad. What Nigerians travel abroad to access medically are available at the Reference Hospital, Okene. This will also help reduce capital flights abroad.

The Reference Hospital, Okene will serve as Teaching Hospital to the newly established Confluence University of Science and Technology, Osara. It will ensure that our Medical Students from the school are top notch.

We also want to use the state-of-the-art hospital to drastically reduce maternal mortality rate. According to the Governor, women are not supposed to lose their lives in the process of giving birth to lives. With the health policies of the Governor, we have been able to drag the rate down. With this hospital, we can drag it down further.

One other interesting thing about the hospital is the fact that it has its own Oxygen Plant. The capacity of the plant is such that we can permanently solve the problem of inadequate oxygen in the entire North Central and some parts of South East, South South and South West.
Okene is bordered by Edo and Ondo State. Many of the states around Kogi will depend on the Oxygen Plant at the Reference Hospital, Okene.

Also, the traffic to the medical facilities in the FCT will come down drastically now that same facilities are readily available in Kogi State. People living in some West African countries will find Kogi State closer than Europe and America. In all, the Kogi State Reference Hospital will address health needs, economic needs and also ensure national, sub-regional and regional integration.

One of the major concerns of medical activists has been how the common man will be able to afford such first class medical services. But Kogi under GYB is also planning ahead. The State Government has launched a Health Insurance Scheme, known as BelloCare. Under the present administration, we initiated a Bill to establish a Health Insurance Agency. Today, that Bill has not only been signed into Law, the Governor has ensured a fully functional Health Insurance Agency is fully in operation under the leadership of an Executive Director. Today, thousands of Kogites and residents have been on board the Health Insurance Scheme.

There is no better time to have the kind of Health Commissioner we have than now. Aside from being a world class Medical Practitioner, he is a Community Health enthusiast and expert. Kogi is intentional in making the best of Medicare available to both the rich and the poor.
It is more than a Reference Hospital!

Some video clips will follow this and Nigerians will appreciate what Governor Yahaya Bello has done to stir a revolution in the healthcare sector. He said it during the COVID 19 controversy that instead of promoting COVID 19, Nigeria should invest heavily on her healthcare facilities. He has done what he preached!

Kingsley Femi Fanwo
Hon. Commissioner for Information and Communications


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