Today, 20th October 2022, Kogi State is officially recognized as an OIL-PRODUCING STATE in Nigeria and receives her first 13% derivation from the Federal Account.

The fight for the state to attain this status had been an age-long battle for the people of Kogi State. Even while one of the former governors of the state compromised for the state to only own a certain percentage in the oil processing plant in our neighbouring state thereby abandoning the fight for the right of the state’s ownership of the oil, the former governor, Captain Idris Wada stood his ground on behalf of the government that the available record shows that Kogi owns the oil wells and that his administration will not compromise what belongs to the state.

The incumbent governor, His Excellency Yahaya Bello inherited the battle and as you all know, he does not lose a battle. Bello took up this battle with sheer determination and commitment and got the state recognised as the first Northern Nigerian State as oil producing state today.

In his inaugural address on the 27th of January, 2016, Governor Bello said “My Administration shall exist for the sole purpose of serving the superseding interests of the people of Kogi State to the very best of its capabilities. We also undertake to never lend our capacities to servicing the avarice of anyone or group–whether from Kogi State or elsewhere.
There is no greater evil than Corruption and nothing champions that evil more than Impunity…Corruption and Impunity made sure our people repeatedly arrived at a promised future and found it bereft of substance, or the promised better life.
Let it be recorded today that future generations will not be given reason to count the incoming Administration among those who revelled in Corruption or Impunity. We will be different by the Grace of God. We must and will be that generation of Leaders who made the entirety of Kogi’s Resources work for the entirety of Kogi’s People”

Holding on to his promise, Governor Yahaya Bello is reclaiming Kogi Assets for Kogi people today one by one.

Our God-given Natural resources that have been taken away by some individuals under the leadership of those who never had the interest of the people at heart shall be recovered no matter how long it takes. You are all aware that a company registered by the Kogi State government and in Kogi’s name was fraudulently transferred to an individual who has been milking the state drying and impoverishing the people, causing all manner of environmental hazards and degradation with monumental destruction of our ecosystem. Yahaya Bello stands to win this case for the people of Kogi State again no matter how long it takes.

Between 2016 and 2021, over 10 different companies/industries have been established in Kogi state. This is a result of the government’s determination and commitment to providing security, a conducive business climate, a friendly available labour force and the cooperation of our people. The state is continually open to those genuine investors from around the world who want to invest their money in Kogi. We will continue to protect the state for the people and businessmen to carry out their businesses.

Kogi being one of the safest states in Nigeria is not in doubt, Australian government recently made a statement restricting her citizens from coming into 20 Nigerian states and this also scores Kogi high being bordered with 10 other states and keeping her people and property safe.

We will agree in unison that Bello has placed Kogi above our collective expectations and will take it to her before exiting the state in January 2024.

For Governor Yahaya Bello: At the Battle Field, The General Eat Last.


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