By Dorothy Onoja

Medical practitioners in Kogi State are urged to maintain their dedication and commitment to their duties for the betterment of the state’s healthcare system.

Dr. Abdulazeez Adams, the Commissioner for Health in Kogi State, made this call during a meeting with the Executive of the Kogi State Branch of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) in his office in Lokoja.

Dr. Adams emphasized the importance of dedication and commitment, stating that it is crucial for healthcare professionals to always give their best, regardless of the circumstances they may find themselves in.

He also highlighted the government’s commitment to improving primary healthcare in the state, as this would alleviate the burden on secondary and tertiary healthcare systems.

Furthermore, Dr. Adams stressed the need for a conducive working environment for healthcare workers, as this would attract more professionals to the state.

He commended the NMA for their dedication to the welfare of its members and assured them that the current administration is fully committed to the overall health and well-being of the citizens.

Dr. Adams also mentioned the outgoing administration’s focus on healthcare, which resulted in various health intervention projects across the state, and expressed the new administration’s commitment to sustaining these efforts.

One of the key developments in the healthcare sector is the transformation of the Reference Hospital in Okene into a Teaching Hospital, which will further enhance medical education and training in the state.

The Chairman of the Kogi State NMA congratulated Dr. Adams on his well-deserved appointment and acknowledged his strong work ethic and compassion for humanity.

He encouraged the commissioner to continue his exemplary service for the benefit of the people.

He called on him to always give a listening ear to the Association nothing that proper synergy with the body will assist the realization of health for all.

He stressed the need to put in place measures to end quackery in the state.

Overall, this meeting highlighted the importance of dedication, commitment, and a supportive working environment in improving healthcare delivery in Kogi State.

The government, in collaboration with the NMA, is determined to enhance the healthcare sector and ensure the well-being of the state’s residents.

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