This is GYB Model Science Secondary School, Adankolo, Lokoja, Kogi State.

After making Education the number one in his thematic areas, Governor Yahaya Bello has demonstrated unparalleled commitment to education by establishing the Confluence University of Science Technology, Osara and nurturing same into a world-class citadel of learning.

He has also stirred an unimpeachable infratructural revolution in all the state’s educational institutions.

He has also ensured that 30% of the Kogi State annual budget is expended on education, way higher than the UNESCO benchmark.

The results have started pouring in as many educational edifices are springing up across the Atate.

One of them that is fully completed is the GYB Model Science Secondary School, Adankolo, Lokoja.

The school is today one of the best in the country with state-of-the-art facilities.

It can also sit hundreds of people at a time for CBT and its laboratories can match anyone at any educational institution in Nigeria.

To combat insecurity and the drug menace ravaging our nation, we must build a generation that appreciates that greatness stems from Development Education rather than criminality. Kogi is setting a great example of building a generation-next that is educated, informed and patriotic.

The sports facilities at the schools are also top-notch. If you want your children to enjoy these facilities, come to Kogi State, the Confluence of Opportunities.

In Kogi, Education is number one.

Without Education, there can’t be security.

Without Education, there can’t be agricultural renaissance.

Without Education, there can’t be good healthcare delivery.

Without Education, there can’t be development.

That is why the GYB Administration has remained glued to its commitment to ensure education for every Kogi child.

The heavy investment in education is already paying off as Kogi currently has one of the lowest number of out of school children in Nigeria.

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Source: Kogi State Ministry of Information and Communications

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