By Adegboyega Segun

The Kogi State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Hon. Kingsley Femi Fanwo has charged the management and staff of the ministry to remain committed, diligent and punctual in discharging their official duties.

The Hon. Commissioner made this known while holding meetings with the ministry and all its departments and agencies shortly after he assumed office after his reappointment as the Commissioner for the ministry.

He specially commended the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Mr Teddy Adegbola for his unwavering support, understanding, cooperation and commitment in handling the affairs of the ministry effectively and efficiently.

He as well commended Directors in charge of Information Services, Digital and Printing Services for excellent performance in building and dissemination of timely information emphasizing that Kogi State website has been rated as the best state owned in Nigeria.

According to him, the Executive Governor, Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo wants the state website to be the one breaking news from where other media houses/journalists would be getting information from.

Hon. Fanwo highlighted the Governor’s readiness in giving unwavering supports to the ministry as the ministry has the mandate to talk on behalf of the government and people of Kogi State.

While having a meeting with Kogi State Radio Corporation, the Hon. Commissioner stated the need to make the Radio Station and its booster stations effective and efficient, emphasizing the government’s commitment to mitigate the challenges facing the stations.

He addee that the ministry in collaboration with the Ministry of Rural Development is taking drastic steps in seeing that the Radio stations are connected to the national grid in order to ensure at least 20 hours daily operations.

“Radio is the most effective tool of communication to our people as it is easy to carry along,we also have the best transmitters in Nigeria, but we are using it for just few hours per day due to shortage of power supply; that’s not enough. The necessary steps have been taken already to see that the station is connected to the national grid.” said Hon. Fanwo.

Speaking further, the Hon. Commissioner appreciated the staff and management team of the ministry for their support and cooperation over the years,reiterating that the cooperation and peaceful coexistence among the management staff has brought a robust development the ministry and state has experienced under the past administration.

Like Oliver Twist, Hon. Fanwo appealed for more support, cooperation, hard work and commitment of the management and staff of the ministry and its departments and agencies in order to project the image of the government to the world.

In another meeting with Information Officers of the ministry, Hon Fanwo charged them to be diligent, competent and timely in their reportage.

In an earlier speech, the Permanent Secretary of the ministry, Mr Teddy Adegbola congratulated the commissioner on his reappointment, commending the management staff of the ministry for their maximum cooperation in moving the ministry forward.

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