The Kogi State Government has taken decisive action by suspending two secondary school principals due to alleged misconduct.

This move comes in response to the government’s commitment to upholding its free education policy and ensuring the integrity of its educational institutions.

During the recent Children’s Day celebration, the Kogi State Government made it clear that any secondary school principals or head teachers found to be undermining the free education policy would face consequences. Now, less than two months later, two principals have been suspended for alleged extortion and misconduct.

In a statement made during this week’s edition of “State of Kogi,” a Radio Kogi Audience Participatory program, the Commissioner of Education, Mr. Wemi Jones, confirmed that investigations are ongoing into the conduct of several school principals and head teachers.

While Mr. Jones did not disclose the identities of the suspended principals, he did reveal that one is from Kogi Central and the other is from Kogi West.

He emphasized that the government remains committed to allocating thirty percent of the budget to the education sector, with Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo considering an increase in funding to further support education.

In addition to efforts to improve primary school education, the State Government is also planning to cover NECO fees for students in public schools.

Mr. Jones praised the Governor for his dedication to revitalizing technical education in the state and ensuring that all programs in state-owned tertiary institutions are accredited.

The government’s unwavering commitment to prioritizing the education sector is evident, and it will continue to work towards enhancing educational opportunities for all students in Kogi State.

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