By Dorothy Onoja

In an effort to combat the alarming prevalence of preventable eye problems in Nigeria, the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has introduced the Effective Spectacle Coverage Initiative, Nigeria, known as JIGI Bola 2.0, in Kogi State.

This initiative aims to provide essential eye care services to individuals with preventable eye conditions and older people, enabling them to lead a life free from visual impairments.

During the launch event in Okene, Kogi State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Abdulazeez Adams Adeiza, representing Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo, expressed concern over the approximately 24 million Nigerians suffering from sight loss due to preventable causes such as cataracts and refractive errors.

He reiterated the state government’s commitment to improving healthcare services and expanding the state health insurance scheme.

The current prevalence of blindness in Kogi State stands at 3.5%, in line with the national average, as highlighted by the Governor.

He stressed his administration’s dedication to reducing these statistics by providing high-quality eye care services, especially in rural areas.

A strong partnership has been forged with the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and other stakeholders to ensure the success of this initiative, he said.

Dr. Oteri Ewe Okolo, National Coordinator of the National Eye Health Programme, underscored the importance of good eyesight in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

She emphasised the Federal government’s commitment to implementing national policies prioritising eye health and vision correction.

“Good eyesight is crucial for achieving the SDGs,” Dr. Okolo stated. “We are committed to ensuring that all Nigerians have access to top-notch eye care services, regardless of location or socio-economic status.

” A comprehensive framework has been developed to address these issues effectively and efficiently.

The event started with a flag-off ceremony, during which the first batch of donated reading glasses was handed out to the recipients.

The program’s beneficiaries expressed their appreciation to the government and partners for the initiative.

“I have been struggling with my vision for years, and I am grateful for this opportunity to receive eye care services,” mentioned Mrs. Aisha Mohammed, one of the beneficiaries.

The JIGI Bola 2.0 initiative is set to continue for several years, focusing on sustainability and community involvement. The aim is to ensure that all citizens of Kogi State have access to high-quality eye care services, regardless of their location or socio-economic status.

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