The Governor of Kogi State, Usman Ododo, has provided further assurances that security agencies are diligently working to rescue the abducted students of Confluence University of Science and Technology (CUSTECH), Osara.

He has also pledged to assess and enhance the current security operations within and around the institution to expedite the safe return of the abducted students.

Governor Ododo, who was away at the time of the incident, promptly visited the university upon his return to evaluate the situation and receive updates from the school management.

In a statement to the press, Governor Ododo disclosed that initial investigations suggest possible internal sabotage, as the CCTV cameras on the premises were reportedly disconnected shortly before the attack.

Nevertheless, he assured that those responsible for this heinous act will be held accountable.

Governor Ododo emphasized the priority of rescuing the abducted students and expressed gratitude for the efforts of all security agencies, including local vigilantes and hunters, in the ongoing rescue mission.

He encouraged citizens to provide credible information to aid the investigations and reiterated the government’s commitment to bolstering security in school communities to ensure a safe environment for students to pursue their academic endeavors without fear of harm.


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