The Kogi State government has affirmed its commitment to collaborating with the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) to enhance technological advancements and expedite processes aimed at fostering sustainable development within the state.

This declaration was made during a courtesy visit by the Governor to the Director-General/Chief Executive Officer of NASRDA, Dr. Mathew Olumide Adepoju, at the agency’s headquarters in Abuja.

Representing the Governor, the State’s Commissioner for Finance, Budget, and Economic Planning, Asiwaju Asiru Idris, highlighted the administration’s focus on investing in technological solutions and establishing relevant institutions to modernize the state’s civil service and stimulate economic growth.

He emphasized that the partnership with NASRDA would facilitate collaboration among all institutions implementing technological solutions in the state.

Governor Ododo underscored the importance of reassessing the technical partnership between the state and NASRDA to coordinate technology investments effectively.

He emphasized, “In order to expedite development and achieve our government’s objectives, technology is indispensable.”

Governor Ododo expressed the state’s eagerness to collaborate with NASRDA, emphasizing that the Kogi State 32-Year Development Plan is designed to serve as a comprehensive framework for long-term strategic development, adding that the ultimate goal is to elevate Kogi State into a robust and economically viable entity within Nigeria.

“We have meticulously crafted a 32-Year Development Plan with the objective of establishing a cohesive roadmap for long-term strategic development, ultimately transforming Kogi State into a thriving and economically sustainable region within Nigeria. The Government of Kogi is committed to building upon the successes of past administrations. Therefore, we are here to reignite our previous partnership with the preeminent Space Agency in Africa. We fully recognize the significance of the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) in bolstering key sectors of the nation’s economy, and we are eager to harness Space Technology to address various challenges in Kogi State. Our 32-Year Kogi State Development Plan is centered around three core pillars: promoting prosperity, enhancing resilience, and providing clear direction. It is imperative to note that the optimal realization of these pillars is contingent upon the utilization of space technology,” he stated.

Governor Ododo further revealed that Kogi State acknowledges the pivotal role of NASRDA in key sectors of the national economy and was present at the agency to revive previous agreements on GIS and leverage Space Technology to address pressing issues in Kogi State.

He reiterated that the State’s 32-Year Development Plan is underpinned by three fundamental pillars: fostering prosperity, enhancing resilience, and providing clear direction.

He underscored that these critical pillars cannot be effectively achieved without the integration of space technology.

During his address, the governor extended his congratulations to Dr. Matthew Adepoju on his recent appointment as the Director General/Chief Executive Officer of NASRDA by the President.

The governor expressed his confidence in Dr. Adepoju’s ability to elevate the agency to new heights.

In response, Dr. Matthew Adepoju, the DG/CEO of NASRDA, commended Governor Usman Ododo for his exceptional leadership in Kogi State.

He assured that under the governor’s guidance, the state would experience significant transformation.

Dr. Adepoju emphasized that the partnership’s goal is to identify and assess the scientific and technological talent within the state and leverage the expertise of various science and technology organizations for the state’s benefit.

Dr. Adepoju highlighted the readiness of the Centre for Atmospheric Research, the Geospatial Tracking System, and other units within NASRDA to collaborate with the Kogi State Government.

He mentioned a previous agreement where Kogi State GIS digitized fifty-one thousand buildings in Lokoja alone, indicating that NASRDA would assess the current situation in the state to determine areas for improvement in education and other critical sectors.

The DG praised Governor Ododo for the 32-Year Roadmap, emphasizing that a governor with such a strategic plan demonstrates a clear focus and commitment to rapid transformation. He encouraged other states to adopt a similar approach.

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