The Chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress in Kogi State, Comrade Gabriel Amari, commended Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo for his decision to pay Hazard Allowance to health workers in the state, stating that the Governor has truly made a mark of excellence.

In a statement to the press in Lokoja on Saturday, Comrade Amari praised Governor Ododo for honouring his commitment to the health workers.

He explained that while the Hazard Allowance had been approved by the previous administration, it had not been fully implemented.

The full payment of this allowance, according to Comrade Amari, will boost the morale of the health workers significantly.

As the State Chairman of the Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria, Comrade Amari urged the beneficiaries to reciprocate this gesture by demonstrating renewed dedication to their duties.

He also lauded the Governor for the improvements in the salaries of local government workers and primary school teachers, emphasizing that this demonstrates a genuine commitment to enhancing workers’ welfare.

Comrade Amari expressed his satisfaction with Governor Ododo’s performance, noting the Governor’s determination to prioritize workers’ welfare and improve the overall narrative.

He did, however, appeal to the Governor to promptly address the issue of wage awards by establishing a committee to collaborate with labour.

In conclusion, Comrade Amari expressed confidence in the current administration, particularly with a labour leader serving as Deputy Governor, believing that this partnership will bring about positive changes for the workforce in Kogi State.

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