By Mariam Adams

In an effort to tackle ecological challenges in Kogi State, the Kogi State Commissioner for Environment and Ecological Management, Engr. Joseph Oluwasegun, led a team of engineers from the Federal Ministry of Environment on Friday to assess major gully erosion sites in Lokoja.

The purpose of this assessment is to thoroughly evaluate the severity of erosion damage and identify effective strategies for mitigating its impact and achieving sustainable management solutions.

The assessment aims to evaluate the extent of erosion damage and identify strategies for mitigation and sustainable management.

The Commissioner expressed appreciation for the state government’s commitment to finding lasting solutions to gully erosion caused by recurring flooding in the state, which has been a major environmental concern.

The collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Environment is expected to result in effective strategies for managing gully erosion and restoring ecological balance in the affected areas.

During the assessment, the Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Aliyu Umar Yusuf, emphasized the urgent need for intervention to address the ecological challenges facing the state.

“The situation is dire, and we cannot afford to stand idly by,” the Speaker said. “We must work together to restore the waterways to their former glory and ensure a sustainable environment for our people.”

Engr. Bamidele Peters, speaking on behalf of the assessment team, explained that the assessment aims to gather data and information necessary for the development of effective strategies to mitigate environmental problems and restore the ecosystem.

He further noted that while flooding has been identified as the major cause of gully erosion in Kogi State, the assessment will also focus on identifying other contributing factors and their impacts.

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