By Mariam Adams
The House Committee on Land, Housing, and Environment recently demonstrated their commitment to overseeing government ministries, departments, and agencies by paying a courtesy visit to Engr. Oluwasegun Joseph, the Honorable Commissioner of Environment and Ecological Management, in his office.
Led by Hon. Abu Jibrin, the chairman of the committee said, the visit aimed to address the challenges facing the environment in Kogi State and ensure accountability from the executive branch.
During the meeting, Hon. Jibrin emphasized the committee’s mandate to identify and address the challenges faced by the Ministry of Environment.

He praised the Commissioner’s proactiveness in responding to sanitation matters and commended the Ministry for previously ranking Kogi State as the second cleanest state in Nigeria.

The committee’s vice chairman, Hon. Bin Ebaya Shehu, expressed optimism that the visit would yield positive results.

Responding to the committee’s visit, the Honorable Commissioner highlighted the importance of legislative and executive checkmate processes in ensuring effective governance.

He reiterated the state government’s commitment to environmental issues and mentioned ongoing efforts to enact an environmental law.

The Commissioner appealed for further intervention from the state government, as continuous sanitation processes require significant investment.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Alhaji Jibrin Saidu, pledged support for the committee’s work and emphasized the importance of a functional and efficient environment.

He acknowledged the state government’s efforts in addressing sanitation issues but called for additional action, as proper waste management is essential on a daily basis.

Overall, the committee’s courtesy visit to the State Commissioner of Environment and Ecological Management demonstrates their dedication to overseeing the environmental sector and ensuring accountability in Kogi State.

With ongoing efforts to enact an environmental law and the commitment of both the legislative and executive branches, there is hope fo, healthier, and more sustainable environment in the state.

There is hope for a healthier and more sustainable environment in the state through ongoing efforts to enact environmental laws and the commitment of both the legislative and executive branches.

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