Governor Ododo Pledges to Eradicate Criminal Activities in Omala Council Area; Commits to Establishing Forward Operation Base by Nigerian Army.

Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo of Kogi State made the resolute declaration on Saturday as he embarked on a mission to eliminate criminal elements from communities within the Omala local government area.

His unwavering commitment is to clear all criminal enclaves in the area.

During his visit to Bagaji-Odo, Agojeju-Odo, and Bagana communities, which have been targeted by assailants in recent times, Governor Ododo vowed to facilitate the establishment of a Forward Operation Base by the Nigerian Army.

This initiative aligns with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s determination to address security challenges across Nigeria.

In Bagana, Governor Ododo expressed dismay at the senseless killings and property destruction caused by excessive greed and selfish interests of certain community leaders who allegedly invited criminals from neighboring areas to attack their rivals.

He assured the people of Bagana that peace would be restored, and those responsible for the attacks would face justice.

The caretaker chairman of Omala local government, Honourable Mark Edibo, highlighted that conflicts over natural resources had fueled the unrest in Bagana, resulting in significant loss of lives and property.

He appealed to Governor Ododo to support the community in revitalizing its economy by creating a conducive environment for growth.

During his visit to Agojeju-Odo, Governor Ododo expressed sympathy for the community following recent attacks that led to loss of lives and property.

He pledged to implement comprehensive interventions, including addressing security gaps and constructing the Idrisu-Okpotala-Bagaji-Odo-Agojeju-Odo road to enhance security for farmlands and improve access to markets for agricultural produce in the area.

In his remarks, the Atta Igala, His Royal Majesty Mathew Alaji Opaluwa, praised Governor Ododo for his commitment to the people of Omala and assured him of the unwavering support of the state’s residents.

In his welcoming speech, Mr. Elias Atabor, the leader of Agojeju-Odo community, expressed gratitude to Governor Ododo for his compassion towards the community and for providing much-needed assistance to its residents.

He noted that Governor Ododo is the first serving Governor to visit the community since the establishment of Kogi State.


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