By Yemi Balogun

There is great excitement among the residents of Lokoja in Kogi State as they celebrate the remarkable advancements achieved by His Excellency Alhaji Usman Ododo and his team in the ongoing construction project at Army Barack/Zango-Daji.

Our Information News team recently visited the site for an on-the-spot assessment and observed the dedicated workers striving to ensure the road was constructed to the highest standards.

The capital city has long been plagued by deteriorating road infrastructure, leading to various issues such as erosion, accidents, dust pollution, and traffic congestion. However, the proactive response from the government has brought immense relief and garnered praise from the local community.

Residents who spoke to our reporter said before the commencement of the construction, the Army Barack/Zango- Daji road was an eyesore, with its deplorable state hindering smooth transportation and posing risks to road users. They said commuters struggled to navigate through the dilapidated road, encountering dust clouds and occasional accidents. However, the residents have expressed their satisfaction with the ongoing construction, citing the substantial improvement the project has brought.

The contractors working on the site have expressed their delight at the swift progress being made. Men equipped with their construction tools can be seen diligently working, ensuring that every aspect of the road is handled skillfully and thoroughly.

Although a few unpaved areas remain, the workers are tirelessly putting effort into its completion. Their dedication showcases the determination of the Ododo administration to make Lokoja roads pothole-free, enhancing ease of movement and commerce for both motorists and residents alike.

The government’s commitment to improving road infrastructure in Lokoja is praiseworthy. Their efforts have alleviated the hardships faced by motorists and residents and transformed the cityscape. With the ongoing construction at Army Barack/Zango-Daji, Lokoja is set to witness a remarkable transformation that will enhance the quality of life for its inhabitants.

The swift progress in constructing the Barak/Zango Daji road shows Alhaji Usman Ododo’s proactiveness. His administration has prioritized the needs and welfare of the people, exemplified by their commitment to providing durable and well-maintained infrastructure.

This achievement will undoubtedly contribute to Lokoja’s economic growth and prosperity, attracting investments and generating employment opportunities for the residents.

The people of Lokoja are now looking forward to a better and more prosperous future as they continue to appraise the transformative efforts of the Kogi State government.

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