By James Sani

Students in Kogi State are encouraged to come together and live in harmony.

The Commissioner for Youth and Sports Development, Hon. Monday A. Anyebe, delivered this message during a meeting with the Kogi State Students Community in Lokoja.

Hon. Monday A. Anyebe emphasized that the current administration will not tolerate any student actions that go against the government led by Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo.

He highlighted the government’s support for the student community and urged them to work together for peace, unity, and stability.

The Commissioner urged students to treat each other with respect and unity, recognizing each other’s contributions towards the growth and progress of the student body in the state.

He also stressed the importance of taking studies seriously for a better future.

Hon. Monday A. Anyebe called on students to support the government of Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo for continued development and democracy in the state.

Isah Emmanuel, the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on student affairs, praised the Commissioner for his dedication to involving students and youth in government affairs.

Dr. Jeremiah Elukpo, the National President of the National Association of Kogi Students, expressed gratitude to Governor Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo and Commissioner Hon. Monday A. Anyebe for their support and commitment to student progress.

He assured them of their loyalty and support to the government.


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