Kogi State GDP stands at $9.14 Billion (Official Rate) and $23.88 Billion (Unofficial Rate).

With this, the GDP of the State is higher than those of Oyo ($9.11 Billion), Abia ($8.74 Billion), Katsina ($8.22 Billion), Sokoto ($7.06 Billion), Adamawa ($6.59 Billion), Bauchi $6.51 Billion), Ekiti ($5.82 Billion), Osun $5.69 Billion), Ebonyi ($5.55 Billion), Jigawa ($5.35 Billion), Gombe ($5.20 Billion), Taraba ($5.05 Billion), Borno ($4.85 Billion), Nassarawa ($4.60 Billion), Kebbi ($4.46 Billion), Zamfara ($4.28 Billion), Plateau ($3.71 Billion), Enugu ($4.54), Kwara ($3.41 Billion), Yobe ($2.70 Billion).

This is one of the key indicators of the economic viability of states, covering the level of consumption, investment, government spending on goods and services as well as the difference in profit between exports and imports.

Under Governor Yahaya Bello, Kogi has moved from being the crime capital of Nigeria to a viable economic hub, housing some of the biggest industries in Nigeria.

Experts are of the view that the peaceful atmosphere in the state, abundant mineral resources, quality manpower and tax administration have been some of the factors behind the economic prosperity of the state. The State Tax Administration is rated as the best in Nigeria. It is such that businesses find it convenient to pay and it comes back in a beneficial cycle to provide the infrastructure that helps in supporting business growth.

The establishment of the Confluence University of Science and Technology, Osara by Governor Yahaya Bello was to provide adequate world-class manpower for the ever-growing industrialization in the State. The resuscitation of the Ajaokuta Steel Company will further make Kogi the epicentre of industrialization in Nigeria.

For instance, through the right policies, capital drive, improved seedlings and other factors, Kogi accounts for 60% of cashew production in Nigeria!

Benue and Kogi States remain the largest Cassava producers in Nigeria and Nigeria is the largest producer of Cassava in the world!

Source: Kogi State Ministry of Information and Communications


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