Governor Ahmed Ododo of Kogi issued a stern warning to criminals, cautioning them to steer clear of the state or face the consequences.

He emphasized that Kogi is not a hospitable environment for criminal activities.

He disclosed this at a press briefing following his Eid-el-Kabir prayer at the Okene Eid Praying ground,

The Governor Ododo praised President Tinubu for his dedication to the nation and encouraged Nigerians to support his initiatives and policies.

Addressing the recent kidnapping incident at Confluence University of Science and Technology (CUSTECH), Governor Ododo stated that the perpetrators underestimated his administration’s capabilities and suffered the repercussions.

He emphasized that Kogi is not a place where criminals can operate freely without facing repercussions.

Governor Ododo highlighted the successful rescue of 29 out of the 31 kidnapped CUSTECH students, expressing condolences for the two students who lost their lives.

He assured that security remains a top priority in Kogi, with efforts being made to safeguard the lives and property of all residents.

He acknowledging the collaborative efforts of security agencies, vigilantes, and hunters in maintaining security.

Speaking on the payment of salary, Governor Ododo emphasized the government’s commitment to ensuring prompt payment of workers’ salaries as a responsibility to the citizens, not a favor.

In conclusion, Governor Ododo reiterated his determination to uphold law and order in Kogi, urging criminals to think twice before attempting any unlawful activities in the state.

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