The Transition committee Chairman of Lokoja Local Government, Comrade Abdullahi Adamu, has called on community heads in the Local Government to step up and address the activities of illegal miners in their respective areas.

During a meeting with the affected community leaders, the Chairman, Comrade Abdullahi Adamu conveyed his concern regarding the escalation of illegal mining activities at Jamata and Uyo in Oworo district, as well as Bugge and Doggi in Kakanda district.

In a statement signed by the LG Information Officer, Aguye Bilikisu Jummai, the Chairman, said illegal mining has led to an increase in crime rates within these communities.

He urged the community leaders to collaborate within the framework of the law to eradicate illegality from their areas.

The press release highlighted that the Chairman emphasized that illegal mining can cause significant environmental degradation and harm the ecosystem. Unregulated mining can also lead to social conflicts, displacement of indigenous people, and loss of livelihood for those in affected areas.

The Chairman also expressed his dismay that illegal mining operations often neglect safety standards, potentially resulting in accidents, injuries, and fatalities for both the miners and residents of the host communities.

The statement revealed that these actions align with the directive of the state governor, Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo, who instructed the 21 Local Government Transition Committee Chairmen to take proactive measures to address the rise of insecurity, safety concerns, and other forms of criminality.

The community leaders assured their cooperation with the constituted authorities, the Local Government, and the state as a whole, in order to maintain peace and security within their domains.

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