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The State Ministry of Works and Housing is traditionally saddled with the onerous responsibilities of superintending and managing the provision of road, electricity, infrastructure and Urban Development in the State. To this end, the Ministry undertake the design, construction, and supervision of all manner of roads-rural, urban etc. and provision of electrification and civil engineering in the State. The Ministry has a crop seasoned, well trained and dedicated Engineers, Builders and Ancillary technical Workforce that can handle their scheduled satisfactorily.

Below is the summary of the programme/projects executed by the Ministry

Transport sub-sector

Being very vital in the socio-economic transformation of the State the Administration of Alh. Yahaya Bello accords high priority to this Sub-sector. Accordingly, the ministry has carried out rehabilitation and construction/reconstruction of roads in the State. Some of the projects have been completed while others that are currently on-going are progressing satisfactorily. The high light of the said road completed and on-going are as follows:

  • Construction and Dualization of Ankpa Township Roads completed and commissioned.
  • Construction of Idah/Onyedega Road – completed
  • Construction of Okura Township Road-completed
  • Construction of Otukpa Junction/Ojokwola/Ajobe/Okaba road
  • Construction of Shintaku/Odugbo/Mozum road completed.
  • Construction of Ponyan-Irele Road completed
  • Construction of Felele-Agbaja Road: On-going
  • Construction fo Oziokutu/Obangede Secretariat Road On-going
  • Construction of Mopa/Township Road: on-going
  • Construction of Ofugo-Ika Ilori Icheke Road: on-going
  • Construction of Otokiti-Ganaja Dual Carriageway: on-going
  • Welcome to Lokoja-Army Barracks Murtala Mohammed-International Market Road: on-going
  • Idah Township Road: On-going
  • Ankpa Township Road: On-going
  • Idah-Anyangba Road: On-going
  • Abejukolo Township Road: On-going
  • Kabba Township Road: On-going
  • Okene Township Road: On-going
  • Construction of Ejule-Ayangba Junction Road: On-going
  • Lokoja ward A” Township Road: On-going
  • Kotonkarfe Township Road: On-going
  • Ogaminana/Obangede/Okaito/Kabba Junction Road: on-going
  • Dualization of Dekina Township Road: on-going
  • Construction of Odenyi/Oguma/Sheria Road: on-going
  • Construction of a modal fly-over at Ganaja Junction: on-going

Energy sub-sector

This important sub-sector which serve as a catalyst for the socio-economic development of the State also recorded the priority attention of his Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Bello.

The Ministry embarked and completed most of the following projects.

  • Electrification of Permanent Secretary quarters along Ganaja Road: completed
  • Renovation of Streetlight at old market Lokoja: completed
  • Electricity supply to the New General Hospital, Lokoja: completed
  • Construction/installation of Streetlight from Secretariat Roundabout to 250 Housing Estate along Barrack Road, Lokoja: completed
  • Supply and installation 500KVA Transformer at Omedo Anyigba: completed
  • Relocation of Electrical Service along Lokoja Ganaja Road project: completed
  • Renovation of Streetlight and beautification of Government House Gate and Presidential Lodge, Lokoja: completed
  • Electrification of Government House project: completed
  • Renovation of Streetlight at Old Market, Lokoja: completed
  • Renovation of Vandalized PHC Power line along Usman Katsina Road, Lokoja: completed
  • Electrification of 252 Unit Housing Estate along Ganaja Road Lokoja: completed
  • Improvement of power supply to Government House: completed
  • Electrification of 250 Unit Housing Estate at Otoiti Lokoja: completed
  • Relocation of some NEPA service pole along Obasanjo Square/Beach Road/Old Market/New Market/Abuja Junction Road: completed
  • Renovation of Governors lodge, Governors Entrance, Hilltop Annex and Presidential lodge light: completed
  • Relocation of electrical service along Lokoja Ganaja Road project: completed
  • Electricity supply to Radio Kogi: completed
  • Installation of Streetlight along Ganaja Junction to Ganaja Village: completed
  • Lokoja (Banda) Kotonkarfe 33KVA Trunkline Electrification project: on-going.
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