Abdulkarim Abdulmalik

Director General, Bureau of Information Services and Grassroots Sensitisation

The Bureau of Information Services and Grassroots Sensitisation has among other functions of collating, processing and disseminating information on all Government activities to the people either within or outside the State. It equally has the duties of sensitizing the populace on various government programs, policies, and activities.

These functions are carried out through issuance of Press bulletins, production of monthly publications such as KogiTime magazine and commentaries on Radio and television as well as perform oversight function over the State Broadcasting Corporation and Kogi State Printing and Publishing Corporation.

The Bureau also engages in the co-ordination of information in all MDAs through daily coordination of the activities of Information Officers to ensure effective publicity of their activities.

The Bureau has not only revived its weekly news bulletin platform, called Confluence Newsletter but had equally transformed the publication to meet up with modern standards in the media industry. Similarly, the monthly magazine has been repackaged and renamed KogiTimes.

As a Bureau, we supervise the activities of the State Radio Station and the State Newspaper on daily basis, while we monitor  and promote governmental activities in all Government ministries, agencies and Parastatals through the activities of our Officers manning the public relations units of such MDAs. The Bureau also serves as the data bank for making inquiries about socio-economic activities of the State.


We also engage in daily sensitization of the populace on various policies and the need to shun negative vices and social misdemeanors through the various jingles on the State Radio Station.