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By Ebenezer Adurodija

I was privileged to start my working career in Government House in 1994 and was there for upward of nine years before I moved on to other places of assignments.

For most of those nine years, I had come to know ALIYU PETER A.K.A KURUMA, a speech-impaired young man. He was more or less a “Government House boy”.

When I got to know him, he was a toddler, whose mother was running a local food joint just outside the gate of Government House.

Due to the privilege of this, young Aliyu had access to Government House, indeed from 1996 till date, he was a regular visitor. He had unfiltered access to the place. To a large extent, there is no place in the Government House that he can not enter. From the military administrators to the present Governor, none can say they do not know him.

Despite his health challenges, he was duteous, friendly and very amiable. There is no menial job, he would not do. Though he is not educated he is well-schooled in the act of honesty, humility and hard work.

Many times, I had wished I could assist to make life better for him. I had always puzzled why so many leaders of the State looked away from this young lad. Why they did not see him as a mortal that needed assistance to turn around his fortune for the better.

It is, therefore, with great joy when I heard that nature has finally smiled on him through the instrumentality of Gov Yahaya Adoza Bello, who recently made him his Special Assistant on Sanitation. A position, many would have thought would never be possible due to his challenges and poor education.

From findings, he resigned from the popular Cleaning Service company sometime last year and began to sell call credit cards (Recharge Cards) within the premises, despite his inability to speak nor hear, which got the attention and commendation of Governor Yahaya Bello for his determination to succeed.

It is said Governor Bello had always watched him from afar with keen interests. This acknowledges the fact that every persons’ sincere actions towards whatever they do, would not go unrewarded.

The case of Peter Aliyu who was a dedicated worker and cleaned within and around the government house region has shown the humanity in Gov Yahaya Bello.

I dare say that such are the kind of leaders we need in our Nigeria of today. Leaders who don’t care about your status but see in your steadfastness and determination to succeed in life. Leaders who care less about your background nor your social status.

I have personally come to appreciate Governor Bello more. Over five Governors including Military Administrators saw the plight of Peter and chose to look the other way. Perhaps, they saw nothing good about him; perhaps, they only saw his challenges and not his potentials.

Today, I can proudly say, the Kogi Governor has once again proved critics wrong about his style of leadership. He has proved to the world that he has the milk of kindness in him. He has shown the humanity that most of our leaders lack.

Conclusively, Gov Bello has once again taught us that with the right leadership, we can have a better Nigeria and no matter your challenge, hope is not lost.

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