1MAY 2017

Presentation of State Study Tour Report of Kogi State by Syndicate Four Executive Intelligence Management Course Ten (EIMC 10)

Being the live broadcast of the presentation of State Study Tour Report of Kogi State by Syndicate Four Executive Intelligence Management Course Ten (EIMC 10) at the Institute for Security Studies, Lower Usuma Dam, Bwari, Abuja.


The Governor had requested for a copy of the report of the tour to enable him make adjustments where necessary. - Says the institute.                        

The tour interacted with heads and key officials of the three arms of government.                        

They noticed that there is a strong working relationship between the three arms of government.                        

The Attah Igala was also visited. He noted that intelligence gathering is based too much on the physical and efforts should be made to shift paradigm to fit the times                        

The traditional leader of Koton Karfe stated that the people of Koto were basically farmers and the improvement in security has made it possible for his people to go to farm without fear hanging on their head as they experienced in the past.                        

Issues peculiar to Kogi State: some of them are the presence of two rain forests.... Savannah and Rainforest which the state can take advantage of for agriculture.

The youthfulness of the governor and his cabinet which makes it easy for government to be on top of their game.                        



1. The age and dynamism

2. Confluence of opportunities being a link between north and south as well as confluence of two major rivers

3. Presence of companies key to the industrialization of Nigeria

4. Arable land for agriculture

5. Omi dam

6. High level of literacy                        


1. Neglect from past governments both state and federal 

2. Non dredging of River Niger

3. Lack of alternative bridge linking FCT                        

4.Public sector is the major employer of labor.

5. Sharing boundaries with many states makes it easy for criminals to enter and exit the state.


1. Vast body of waters

2. Abundant mineral resources.

3. Major link between north and south

4. Proximity to FCT

5. Existing industries in the state present employment opps for the people of the state

6. Investment opportunities                        


1. Environmental threat and degradation of farm land

2. Illegal logging 

2. Threats of flood

4. Challenges posed by insecurity as a result of farmers/herdsmen conflicts, youth restiveness etc                        


1. With determination, commitment the state can achieve its potentials 

2. Inter agency collaboration has helped the state achieve a lot in curbing insecurity.

3. Civil service reforms seem not to go well with labour unions. Other stakeholders admit that the reforms are inevitable. However, more engagement with labour unions will yield better results.                        

4. Topography of the state indicates that Koto and other areas are flood prone.

If control mechanisms are put in place, the water can be channelled for irrigation.                        

Yes opportunity abound in our dear state                        


1. Ensure the cordial relationship with legislature continues and sustained.

2. Ensure implementation of New Direction Clue print.

3. Security agencies should keep cordial relationship with three arms of government.

4. Security agencies should adopt technology in combating crimes                        

Ensure the MoU signed with Lower Niger River Basin is effectively implemented.

5. Collaborate vigorously with the FG to ensure the revitalization of Ajaokuta and NIOMCO.

6. Collaborate with FG on dredging of River Niger.

7. Preserve cultural centers and historical sites in the state.          


Before now, Kogi was known for criminal activities especially kidnappers. I want to know if there is any collaboration with other states to combat crime especially since the borders of other states provide access and exit to the state.

Response: Yes. There are engagements ongoing. We have begun with Edo and Benue... Others in line.                        


Why are there no timeline for the resuscitation of Ajaokuta Steel and NIOMCO?

Response: It is a FG project and Kogi State Govt can only continue to scale up and intensify advocacy for this purpose.                        


Unity has been identified as one of the strengths of Kogi State but we have read of assassination attempt on a senator of the state?

Response: That is an isolated case which is being investigated.   

Governor Bello speaks

We have been bedevilled with bad leadership in the past and we all felt the brunt one way or the other.... Now that we are in the saddle we have to do things differently. 

One thing I have vowed never to do is to serve the interests of a few individuals. Whatever the consequences of not doing so will be.

I am hear and listening to the report, it seems to me like I am listening to a score card on my first year in office.

On security in Kogi State: first, I must appreciate the support of His Excellency the President of Nigeria. His support has helped us greatly in our fight against criminals and vandals.

Kogi state is collaborating with Benue, Edo, Ondo, Kwara and even Ekiti States.

On Ajaokuta: I was at Ajaokuta just yesterday and I wept. I don't see why we have such a project and nearly 80% complete abandon it. The Indians who bought the place vandalised the assets of the Company because India is a steel producing country. I call on the FG to complete this project and NIOMCO as it will open up great opportunities for Nigeria.

On attempt on the life of a serving senator: let me appreciate the Nigeria Police for taking swift action. They are doing a good job. My job as chief security officer is to ensure the safety of every life therefore I appreciate the work of the IGP and the Nigerian Police. - Governor Yahaya Bello