1MAY 2017

Gov Bello marks Workers Day in Quintessence... as he grants amnesty to workers with various civil service infringements

It is a fitting day to congratulate all Kogi State Civil Servants who were granted pardon by His Excellency yesterday for indulging in 11(out of 44) categories of infractions which affected Kogi State Civil Service. 

The directive which came with the pardon is the best part.
Governor Bello said "...I hereby direct the Head of Service, Auditor General to reclassify these categories of workers as cleared and the State Accountant General and Commissioner for Finance to immediately calculate their monies due to them in the last one year they were uncleared and ensure they are paid before the end of May".

The echo of this gesture continues to reverberate as 2,128 State Civil Servants and more in LGA benefit from this executive decision of pardon.

Congratulations to all those who have been positively affected by this directive. Below are the categories of workers.

1. Absence from work for study leave without approval.

Decision: Such certificates will not be recognized in the area of promotion.

2. Absence from work for NYSC without approval.

Decision: The one year salaries received by such workers would be refunded back to the state.

3. Disparity in statutory declaration of age and age contained in primary school certificates.

Decision: Pardoned. The oldest age on record will be used.

4. Those appointed and employed without requisite academic qualifications.

Decision: To be reverted to their appropriate levels. 

5. Those employed as trained teachers then seconded to non teaching establishments.

Decision: They will be asked to go back to classroom.

6. Improper career advancement and promotion

Decision: To be regraded and placed on their appropriate grade levels.

7. Those employed with certificate of proficiency and promoted.

Decision: should be regraded to their appropriate levels. 

8. Multiple declaration of age.

Decision: Earliest age on record to be taken as official.

9. Staff placed above their qualification 

Decision: To be regraded.

10. Staff on stagnation: this refers workers who were employed and placed below grade levels for their entry qualifications. For example, if an SSCE holder should ordinarily be placed on Grade level 4 but is placed on level 2, they should be promoted and their monies paid to them before the end of May.

11. Those who served above statutory age and years of service have been pardoned. But the monies taken for the period should be recovered from their gratuity.

Profound gratitude to our people for their patience with their Governor as he fixes our State even in the face of opposition who would rather play politics with critical issues of governance. 

In addition, one of the demands of JAC of Tertiary institutions for which our students have been at home is that a total sum of 290 million in tax waivers to lecturers of some state owned tertiary institutions be refunded. The Governor said even though this sum can provide social amenities to communities across the state, for the sake of students, the money shall be paid over a period of time. 

While giving a rundown of the outcome of the screening exercise and the resolutions of the demands by JAC of state owned tertiary institutions, the Chief of Staff to the Governor, Hon. Edward Onoja said inter alia that all those lecturers on study leave have been given provisional clearance until they are done with their studies and therefore able to be physically screened.

As part of the reforms, gratuities shall be paid on first in, first out (FIFO) basis. The practice of the past whereby workers retire for 10 years and continue to pursue their gratuities whereas some get theirs within months simply because they know the governor or other persons of influence will be a thing of the past in our state.

Happy Workers Day from Nigeria's beautiful Confluence City.