29APR 2017

Arrest of suspected Dino Attackers: Our Position- Kogi State Government 


The Kogi State Government has seen reports in the media of the parading in Abuja of suspects in the alleged assassination attempt on Senator Dino Melaye by the Nigerian Police Force. One of the paraded suspects, Alhaji Taofiq Isah, is the serving Administrator of Ijumu Local Government of Kogi State. 

The Kogi State Government has been aware of the arrest and detention of the Ijumu Local Government Administrator and others in connection with the case for about six days now. My Administration refrained from involvement in the case in order to allow the Police conduct her investigations without interference.

However, we are taken aback by the accompanying statement of the Police during the parading which appear to indicate that there is now evidence to show that there was a real assassination attempt on Senator Dino Melaye, and that Alhaji Isah is somehow complicit in it.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Kogi State Government under Governor Yahaya Bello has bound itself to zero tolerance for corruption, violent politics and all forms of criminality. Indeed, the Administration has spent a huge chunk of her resources and nearly all her time since assuming Office fighting crimes and criminals to a standstill. 

The public can therefore rest in the assurance that there will be no hiding place within the Administration, or in Kogi State for that matter, for anyone who, for any reason whatsoever, resorts to the old and discredited ways of crime and violence in politics which we inherited and have since dismantled. 

Accordingly, we shall wait for next actions by the Police in this matter and will be watching to make sure the Police adheres strictly to the rule of law at all stages. We shall ensure that the embattled Administrator is afforded every facility to prove his innocence of these serious allegations and return home to his family and his duties. However, we make it crystal clear that swift retribution will fall on anyone proven to have planned or participated in any attempt on the life of anyone within the boundaries of Kogi State. There will be no sacred cows.


Kingsley Fanwo

Director General on Media and Publicity to the Governor

Fanwo Kingsley Olorunfemi

DG Media and Publicity to the Governor

Kogi State Government House


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