June 12 Is The Conscience Of Our Democracy: Kogi Government




1. The Kogi State Government wishes to congratulate Nigeria for not allowing June 12, which represents the conscience of our democracy to die.

2. Every nation passes through democratic cramps and patches. June 12 represents a date that has constantly reminded us of the essence of freedom and the beauty of the ballot box over the ugly autocracy of khakistocracy.

3. On June 12, 1993, the entire nation jettisoned religious and ethnic sentiments and went for a man who they believed was capable of taking our nation to new heights.

4. The truth that the date represents resonates historical immortality as Nigerians now and in the future will continue to honor that day for the freedom it granted our nation.

5. As we mark this year’s Democracy Day, we urge our people to rediscover the selflessness, unity of purpose, cohesion, ethnic trust and religious tolerance that the day represents.

6. We also thank the National Association of Nigerian Students for shelving their protests on June 12. They have shown that they understand the mood of the nation and the dreams of our people.
Our democracy has continued to grow from strength to strength and it will continue to give us a space to expand voices and freedom, opportunities and prosperity as well as the nationalistic spirit to defend our nation and make it great again.

7. We also remember and salute patriots and democrats who defended the iconic day and fought for our nation to choose freedom over anarchy.

8. President Muhammadu Buhari will be remembered by history as the man who whipped the tears shed on June 12, 1993. He has proven his mettle as a democrat who is desirous of defending, not only our democratic institutions, but also our democratic history.

9. The Government, Governor and the people of Kogi State congratulate our compatriots across the nation on the occasion of the 2021 Democracy Day.

10. May God bless our nation.

Signed: Kingsley Fanwo
Hon. Commissioner for Information and Communications, Kogi State.

11th June, 2021.

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