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1. Lokoja (Bandan)- Kotonkarfe electrification project.

2. Electrification project at Abejukolo town in Omala LGA.

3. Improvement of power for the electrification project of a Agassa town in Okene and Ogori town in Ogori / Magongo LGA of Kogi state

4. Compensation payments to in Ilajo family over land at Kabba for situating 33 KVA sub-station World Bank electrification project.

5. Electrification project of transformers at Araba Salifu, Ajeni Gbelega, Emewe Opada 1& 2 communities and step down at 6 nos transformation at Odu Ochele, Afele, Odu-Ate, Odu Ofomu, Odu Gegeli, Odu Anana in Dekina LGA, Kogi State.

6. Provision of solar-powered streetlights along Federal University/ Ganaja/ Baptist Secondary School road sections and access road to the House of Assembly, Lokoja.


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